Grounded in biology and informed by a large body of scientific research, our mission is to develop innovative medicines that target the biology of aging to prevent or treat aging-related diseases.

The elderly are the fastest growing population around the globe

Currently the majority of people age 65 and older are burdened with multiple morbidities because aging is the biggest risk factor for developing most chronic diseases – in fact, most older adults have at least two chronic diseases. Recent scientific discoveries indicate that aging is a biology that can be targeted with medicines as a new way to prevent or treat aging-related diseases.

Ongoing research is continually expanding our understanding of the biochemical pathways that regulate aging. These learnings inspired our focus to study the biology of aging in order to develop medicines to prevent or treat aging-related diseases and potentially compress or shorten the time of morbidity while lengthening healthspan – the time we are healthy, active, and disease-free.

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