3 Tips to Reduce Healthcare Costs for Seniors

3 Tips to Reduce Healthcare Costs for Seniors

A 2019 report by CNBC, found that married senior citizens should expect to spend an average of $285,000 on healthcare expenses during retirement. Women are projected to spend about $150,000, while men are expected to spend approximately $135,000. These figures show a steady increase over the past decade, which means older adults should do what they … Read more

How To Start A Corporate Chair Massage Business

How To Start A Corporate Chair Massage Business? (2021)

How to start a corporate chair massage business? How does one go about finding these ideas? How do you need to approach them in order to achieve success? How can you create an effective business plan that will help you accomplish all that you want to in your business? Starting a corporate chair massage business … Read more

Best Foot Massage Machine (1)

Best Foot Massage Machine 2021: Top Brands Review

Foot massages are an excellent way to relax after a long day. They can help you relieve stress that may be built up in your muscles and joints. This article is about the best foot massage machine on the market today, with reviews from people who have used them to get professional-level results at home. … Read more

Best Massage Gun 2021

Best Massage Gun 2021: Top Brands Review

Massaging guns are small handheld devices that deliver targeted pressure to sore muscles and joints. Their L-shaped design is based on the long, grippy handle and motor-driven massager at one end. The massager’s heads, which are powered on, pulse rapidly over a specified area to break up scar tissue, relieve tension, and ease knots. Below … Read more

Best Massage Chair Pad

Best Massage Chair Pad 2021: Top Brands Review

Because they are smaller and more flexible, massage chair pads can be a great option for traditional massage chairs. They work as well as professional massage chairs. You can choose from a variety of speeds and nodes for massage chair pads. In this guide,  resTORbio will help you narrow down your selection of the Best … Read more

Best Massage Table 2021

Best Massage Table 2021: Top Brands Review

You’ve come to the right spot if you are looking for the Best Massage Table for your business or home. This guide will help you narrow down the top massage tables. Masseuses and massage therapists use massage tables to position customers for massage. The tables are designed with the customer and therapist’s comfort in mind. … Read more

Best Massage Oil 2021

Best Massage Oil 2021: Top Brands Review

Choosing a massage oil is a difficult task. With so many that offer benefits of all kinds, you might have difficulty narrowing down your choices to just one. When choosing the right massage oil, you want to be sure you are picking the one that will suit what you are looking for exactly. To help … Read more

Best Massage Chair Consumer Reports 2021

Best Massage Chair Consumer Reports 2021: Top Brands Review

Nothing is more relaxing than returning home after a long day at work and lying down on a massage chair. You don’t have to wait until Sunday to get your body regenerated. A massage chair can be used at home every day. You need to know the answer to this question: Which massage chair is right … Read more

How To Give A Chair Massage

How To Give A Chair Massage? Top Full Guide 2021

A chair massage is a great way for busy people to enjoy massage. This is a great marketing tool as it can drive clients to your business. These sessions are quick and can help clients relax and feel more energized. But How To Give A Chair Massage? Read on resTORbio’s guide below to find out. … Read more

How To Use Massage Oil

How To Use Massage Oil? Top Full Guide 2021

Massage oils make it easier to do this job. They allow our hands to glide more easily and can also be used to moisturize and treat our skin. Massage oils can be a tremendous help in many aspects. In this guide, resTORbio will discuss how to use massage oil safely? Advantages of massage oils and … Read more