If you’re on the hunt for a new foundation, this Charlotte Tilbury Foundation review may be just what you’re looking for. This foundation comes in a range of shades to suit all skin tones, and it provides medium to full coverage.

The foundation is also long-wearing and water-resistant. Please read on for a full review of this foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Overview

It’s a sure sign that a foundation launch will be successful when Phoebe Dynevor and Jourdan Dunn are the celebrities behind it. This one exceeded all expectations from the beginning of its development.

Tilbury was involved in creating the product and was also testing it with celebrity clients during the testing phase.

Tilbury says, “As a makeup artist to stars, I have been secretly using this amazing, innovative skin-improving formula all year – from film premieres to The Fashion Awards -on some world’s most well-known supermodels and actresses who have fallen in love it natural, glowing finish.”

There are 30 shades available, ranging in fairness to deep. You can also choose undertones in neutral, cool, or warm to match your skin tone. It is designed to provide full coverage without feeling like it is. It is cruelty-free and made from all vegan ingredients.

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Overview

30 Different Shades

The buildable foundation comes in three dozen colors with a wide range of undertones and overtones. Charlotte Tilbury‘s AI-powered foundation searcher has been launched.

It was created in partnership with the MIME beauty tech brand. You can virtually “try on” shades to help find the perfect match. After using the virtual try-on feature, I was asked questions about myself and my undertones. The questionnaire also included a photo of me.

Tilbury’s virtual-try-on service was my first experience with it. I was skeptical about the results, so I tried a few different shades to see if they were right for me. But, I should have believed more, as the suggestion (3 excellent, to be precise) was my perfect match.

30 Different Shades

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It Is Extremely Lightweight And Moisturizing.

Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation felt light on my skin throughout the day. My complexion also became noticeably more oily and shiny. Bix Activ, a trademarked ingredient extracted from bixa Orellana seeds could explain this.

It’s meant to reduce visible oiliness, decrease the appearance of pores, and minimize shine and imperfections.

Combination skin means foundation looks uneven throughout the day. It appears shiny in the T zone but creases and dries around the nose and cheeks. Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation made my foundation look much more harmonious.

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The formula includes the brand’s trademarked Hyalurosmooth (and new), which is derived from Cassia Angustifolia seed and is known for its skin-quenching abilities. Hyalurosmooth is naturally rich in polysaccharides and locks in moisture to improve skin’s plumpness and dryness.

These science-forward, trademarked ingredients, as well as coconut extract, rose complex, and hyaluronic acids, make it stand out from other foundations. Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation was created to provide hydration and radiance, as well as color-matching coverage.

Is it that good? My 67-year-old mother also tried it. She said that it felt light and comfortable all day. “It didn’t feel like I had any makeup on,” she said. She hasn’t worn makeup for over ten years and prefers a natural, fresh look every day.

It’s worth noting that she is now a complete skin-care fanatic, constantly applying trendy creams, lotions, and oils to her dry skin. It also made her feel “pretty and young,” she said.

Overall, I believe this formula made me a foundation believer and wearer again — or at the very least, a believer of Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation.

The Formula

The foundation conceals redness and blemishes with full-coverage coverage. It also contains several good-for-you ingredients such as rose complex, hyaluronic acids, and coconut extract.

These ingredients provide additional skincare benefits. The skin is flooded with moisture by the hyaluronic acids, while the coconut extract helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier.

The rose complex, made of rose oil and water, brightens the skin. It also helps to reduce dark circles and dullness. According to the brand, users of the product saw an increase in radiance and hydration during clinical trials.

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Review Magic

Erica Smith, Beauty Writer

It’s something I have already disclosed, and it’s still true. I don’t use foundation, so it was difficult to find a matte full-coverage foundation. Professional make-up artists matched me with a nine-cool shade and applied it to my skin.

It was amazing if that’s what your goal is! This will give you an airbrush. This has a refreshing cooling effect and a skin-care-like smell. When I was ready to take off my makeup, it left a lot of product on my skin, which led me to believe that this “stays all day and nights,” as the bottle claims.

Although it felt more wearable (pictured), this still seemed a bit excessive for me as a foundation-phobe. If I were forced to use a foundation, I would probably choose something already translucent and glowing like the Armani Luminous Silk.

Jane Larkworthy, Beauty-Editor-at-Large

Charlotte Tilbury loves to use “magic” when describing her products (Magic Cream Magic Vanish Magic Away). It’s amazing how my skin looks with this foundation.

My shade Neutral 3 blends well into my skin and hides its imperfections with a veil that gives it youth. Its ability to even my skin tone, reduce red blotches, darken my eyes, as well as diminish the appearance of tiredness is quite impressive.

It is incredible how opaque this stuff can be. I only carry an extra chamois in the case.

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It isn’t clean, which is a bummer. It’s not clean. I have been trying only to use green and sustainable foundations. I will likely save it for more important occasions like presentations or grown-up events.

Is it able to make my skin feel 216 percent hydrated? No. Perhaps around 50%, but you would appreciate any extra hydration for me, who isn’t a millennial.

Indya Brown, Fashion Partnerships Editor

I was overwhelmed by the variety of shades available in this foundation range. It took me quite a while to find my favorite. I settled on 15 Neutral. One pump was enough to cover my entire face, and I didn’t need to reapply powder.

I usually apply many primers and smoothers before foundation. But this one doesn’t require any prep. You get extraordinarily smooth coverage. Although it is too heavy to use every day, I can see myself using it when I need extra glow and cherubic before significant events.

Hunter Harris, Vulture Staff writer

It has been difficult for me to match foundations to my skin tone. I have tried many foundations and failed to find the right one. I loved this Charlotte Tilbury foundation (I used 9 Warm) and have added it to my makeup routine.

This is definitely for days when you need more coverage. It looked much better than the minimum amount I usually wear. It goes on light and only requires one pump. It kept my skin hydrated.

It can sometimes cause me to exfoliate too much, which causes me to get some flakes in the middle of the day, but this was never an issue with this foundation.

Even after being exposed to heat, it didn’t oxidize and remained put through the day. I applied it with a foundation brush and then bronzed my forehead and jawline using a Fenty bronzer.

This stuff was amazing! I wore it to work for a whole day, to dinner, and to events afterward. I barely touched up my concealer. My friend who was with me while I was eating stopped me mid-bite and said: “Your skin looks luminous!” After eight hours of wearing!

Sarah Spellings, Fashion Writer

Shade 5 Cool was my match. It’s the perfect color for me. It cools down, which is nice but not very long. However, I did not notice any visible benefits in terms of hydration. Maybe those will come later.

Although it is obvious that I am wearing full-face makeup, which I rarely do, it blends seamlessly into my skin, and I believe only I can tell the differences.

Kathleen Hou, Beauty Director

This foundation will make your skin look like a doll’s flawless. This matte foundation, which I’m Shade 5 Warm, is long-wear and full-coverage, making your skin appear like a fancy cyborg. It is thick and paint-like in texture, so you only need one pump to cover your entire face.

It blended easily with a Beauty Blender. I buffed on some hyperpigmentation and zits to give my skin a more even, smooth, and natural look. This foundation made me appear more awake and rested than other foundations that make you look like a plaster.

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It didn’t settle in any lines and lasted well through six hours of wear, including a workout class and some misty rain drizzle.

This would have been a great summer companion. This foundation’s perfecting capabilities and long-wearing ability would make it an excellent choice for Megyn Kelly or anyone else who needs to appear on television but doesn’t want to look insane in person.

It felt great on my skin; it felt smooth and soft. It might not be easy to match colors because the foundation takes some time to settle.

Nana Agyemang, Instagram Editor

It melted on my skin. It looked very light at first and didn’t blend well. But after five minutes, it became consistent with my skin. It won’t oxidize. It is a foundation that stays on all day and doesn’t require touch-ups.

Some areas became a bit grayer over time. If I had to use it again, I would put a color corrector underneath it. It’s a foundation that I feel flawless and beautiful in.

Daise Bedolla, Social Editor

My Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is a 4.25 for me (“light skin with peachy tones”), but this foundation is a 3C for me (“for fair skin with cool underneath tonnes”).

My Armani foundation was more suited to my skin’s peachiness, but the Charlotte Tilbury completely matched my neck.

Although I couldn’t claim that my skin felt 216% more hydrated than the foundation claims, it did feel soft on my skin, and it didn’t cake or budge, even though I didn’t use any setting spray or touch-ups.

When I returned home at 11 p.m., I saw that I still looked well-prepared despite having slept five hours the night before. My skin has been dry as the seasons change, which I am happy to have in my arsenal.

But the real test will be when temperatures drop, and my skin becomes deserted.

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Review Magic


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